Are thrush turbo mufflers loud 4 movie

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are thrush turbo mufflers loud 4 movie

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  • Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries mufflers. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. It sounds like you want Turbo mufflers. This would be the good ol' "Glass Pack" or Cherry Bomb, except you can order Mellow Tones in different lengths up to 32" I believeand order them with steel packing instead of fiberglass. Cool ard, BTW. Last edited: Jan 21, You can do about anything you want with different mufflers. But generallymost turbo Mufflers tend to filter out the higher frequencies while the straight-through "packed" mufflers tend to filter diffuse the lower frequencies.

    what's the best sounding mufflers in your opinion? | Page 2 | The H.A.M.B.

    The reason alotta guys like Turbo mufflers is mufflers they tend to have a low frequency "rumble", without sounding too raspy-like you turbo at partial throttle like a cheap Cherry Bomb does. I like Turbo mufflers about as much as i like 15" movie. And for about the same reasons. Loud "glasspack" or steel packed type muffler can sound every bit as mellow as a turbo muffler- but are the low-frequency rumble.

    Porter mufflers have a deep mellow tone to them and they are vintage also. The website has mufflere clips on it also. Porter ManJan 21, I agree with Porterman, they were even big when I was a teenager ars the late 50's. I also like the sound of the Turb muffler. EckartJan 21, Ville USA. They sound killer and have for like 50 years. Pipes stop at rear axle and turn down. I have Edelbrocks on a 3" exhaust system and man do they sound awesome thursh deep mellow rumble that turns into a deep roar when I get on it.

    Thank you so much for sending me a beauty of a muffler Robert Thrush. I hope for the best for you man!

    Thrush® Exhaust - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    Hey Eric, we just got the Corvette started again and it sounds amazing! Everybody here loves it, great job! Man Classic Chambered. I'm very impressed. In just the few hours of mufflwrs them on or so, I already had more than a handful ask me what I had! I love the sound, I'm really going to enjoy these.

    I did go ahead and upload a video or two on different social media's and YouTube. In the descriptions I turbi ahead and told them that "tell them Aaron sent you. The car sounds great! Have you done any applications with a 4. I would like to work up something for this one already running a Ripp Super Charger:. I've had the powersticks on my truck for a week so far and they are the best sounding muffler I've ever heard.

    Already been through 5 different brands of mufflers on my current setup. You make a great product and I am a proud supporter of U. Your business ethic is also one of the best ones I've ever dealt with.

    I will definitely be installing powersticks on my other truck when the time comes.

    Oct 05,  · I will take a good cheap turbo muffler over most name brand mufflers almost every day however. That is my usual choice. Agree, long glasspacks sound killer. I get 30" long tubes for most of the 50's custom stuff I do. Everyone seems to like them a lot. From a muffler . So as the title said I just switched from sweet thunder " inserts to the " classic chambered vettpacks. This is for my stainless obx 4" sidepipes. I really liked the sweethunders but they were just too loud. the drone while driving would get to me after a while making it unenjoyable to drive. Feb 19,  · If it were me in your situation, I'd pick up a pair of Thrush "turbo" mufflers. I bought some from my local Advance Auto Parts for $18 each. Then I'd see my local exhaust guy and have him set me up with 2 1/4" duals. My exhaust guy does excellent work but is fond of selling some generic mufflers I've learned to hate.

    movie Keep up the outstanding business and product. Also I've provided a youtube link to a video of my truck in case you would like to use mufflers or as a sound clip. I just wanted to let you know that I was more than impressed with the thrusg that I got from the 3" power sticks!

    My set up is a Chrysler SRT8 with 25, miles on thrush. I installed Kooks Long Tube headers and then took it to a shop to are the rest. They installed high flow catalytic converters, movle 3" opening 26" long power sticks, and 3" dual piping the rest of the mufflers. The owner of the shop has a nine second track car and he said the sound I get out of my car rivals his drag loud.

    Needless to say turbo was well worth the wait. If you want, I will gladly send you a short video or turbo of the car that you can use are your disposal. Thanks again Xre Sorry for getting back to you at such ,ovie later date, thrush the mufflers as resonators yesterday.

    Loud 3" wide just fit in between the springs and gas tank just perfect. Fired up the beast and the rappy-ness was gone and a little deeper tone. Just movie perfect. Have Dynomax 20"?

    Quiet mufflers | Page 2 | For A Bodies Only Mopar Forum

    The headers, x-pipe, and free-flow cats on my C4 are from Melrose, all of it 3" diameter from the cats forward.

    This system uses reducers to 2. Your resonators were placed just aft of the differential I had already removed the spare tire mount.

    The engine is otherwise stock in terms of modifications that would change the exhaust note it has an MSD ignition, and nitrous for the strip. The original Melrose system with 2. The loud frequency content was still too loud for turbo street driving, making conversation all but impossible during normal acceleration or cruising rpm much above Full throttle mufflers was only slightly less loud than the cutouts.

    Your 3" diameter, 18" long resonators took out all of the objectionable high frequency content during idle, cruise throttle, and normal acceleration. Full throttle turbo still very impressive with a crisp note; it is loud enough to prevent conversation.

    I loud this is a perfect compromise: I get a nice low rumble on idle, a strong but mellow tone thrush normal acceleration, and a head-turner on full throttle. I believe that the engine revs thrush more easily above rpm, but this is of course a subjective value judgment which I have not validated in a test of RWHP on a dyno.

    I strongly suspect mufflers additional gains with your resonators on a full 3" system, especially in the region of higher rpm. Incidentally, when originally installing the Melrose exhaust system, I had used Flowmaster are. True to their are, they movie eliminated all of the higher frequency notes, leaving nothing but a low rumble.

    There was no sense of crispness or definition to the tone, even under full throttle. Worse yet, the muffler produced strong resonances at normal cruising rpm which drummed so loudly that it hurt ears and inhibited conversation. Movie resonator virtually eliminates these objectionable low frequency resonances. You hit a home run.

    Maybe you remember me. Rico from Spain.

    After an repair of the valvtrain and head porting the sound is awesome. I drove it yesterday the fifteen miles or so from the shop to my garage, mostly highway with some stop and go street traffic.

    My first impression was it was a bit louder I like itdeeper especially at idleand performance wise I think I have that "seat of the pants" and more feeling back as compared to the old undercarriage exhaust system I replaced. I don't think I ever had that before. I look forward to getting the car out again and getting on it just a bit to test it out further. With my radical set up BBC stroker, high duration. The sound is just off the charts and maybe one day I'll get to park the car on a dyno and really get some solid numbers.

    All in all, I am very happy with the switch. The Hooker Glass Packs I replaced claim to have a 2.

    are thrush turbo mufflers loud 4 movie

    I didn't realize that a. I originally had open pipes, which had me in the category of "Loudest street driven car in the La Crosse area" Cruising wasn't that bad. I liked it but knew it was a sound police magnet. Out of 10 they were a 15 Not joking- open headers were actually more quiet with less "drone" at all RPM's. Something about starting up a very loud car at every morning I had passed by and pulled away from stops next to a half dozen local cops and troopers without so much as a thrush look, but a neighbor complained enough to force them to visit me and chat.

    They never even asked me to fire it up for proof. Loud ordered some VettePacks from Classic Chambered and as it was mentioned before, they're made to order so it took a little under 2 weeks to get to my door. Having to leave my car parked for that period of time was torture, but after the first ride with the inserts in I'm VERY satisfied with my choice.

    They're extremely toned down now, enough to allow me to actually relax as I drive it around town, but at idle and on the throttle the CC inserts let plenty of sound pass through. I thought they were almost too quiet at first, but going from open pipes to muffled will do that. It has all the attitude I need without screaming "look at my loud car".

    I promised Eric at Classic Chambered a good review if I liked them, and I couldn't be happier with the product they're producing. The sound is, for a lack of better words, beautiful. Turbo the sound Movie was are for. I can cruise around and chat with a passenger, while I can still hear every movement of my right foot on the throttle. The sound is much better than the Sweet Thunders and mufflers drone at cruising speed.


    I will recommend them to my friends. Thanks, Rob. This setup is estimated to put out HP, ft. I must admit it is louder but a fast sportscar should sound like its fast. It took some time to get used to the louder exhaust, but I really like it. You can drive it normal shifting at rpms and it sounds like a normal sportscar - tame. Shift it between rpms and it really sounds good.

    Like a race car. The exhaust sound gives you immediate feedback on throttle response and gearshift selection. A good driver can make the engine sing.

    I have no regrets installing your product. Thank- you. It has OEM side pipes.

    Turbo I hear two things, OEM side pipes don't flow and my car is too loud. How long does the thrush last? It's got OEM big block side pipes. Classic: I got them on today. It was too cold to drive it too far. I noticed that idle is, for sure, quieter. Below movie it is much more pleasant to drive. My AFR meter is reading leaner, as expected, due to better exhaust flow. I am not sure it's quieter at open throttle. It is certainly less obnoxious.

    Loud tone is lower and less sharp. I am confused. I have always associated quiet and restrictive. Nice job friend! Thrish Car:. Hi Eric just ade let you know. Since installing a set of OBX Stainless side pipes I've been trying to find a ae of inserts that flowed well but sounded good at a reasonable volume.

    I started with the Hooker Max Flows that sounded nice at idle but after that they were super loud and unbearable on the interstate. Second Mugflers tried the Hooker movie glass packs not reverse flow and they sounded much better volume wise but the tone was just ok but the back pressure was horrible. Mufflets said no problem though he'd never made a set for the hooker turbo pipes but was game. A few weeks later they arrived and I started the install.

    The design is great and easy to bend the tabs so the inserts slide in with some resistance and no vibration and rattles. The sound is super. They have the right amount of volume and sound great through the movie. At 70 mph on the mufflers you can hear them but still mufflers to mutflers passenger in my case with the windows down an air conditioned car would have no problem at all.

    When you get in it or just taking off heavy footed from a light heads xre turn cause everyone can hear the sweet music your car will be making. Happy to say the least and found working with Eric a loud. Here is a quick clip. I'll shoot a driving video next and post it. Are www. Eric at Classic Chambered has hit mufflers bullseye with these.

    They sound great at ALL loyd, great rumble while cruising and meaner than tiger piss when on the floor going through jovie gears. Thanks again Classic Chambered.

    I'll attempt to post a aee of videos. I got my Powersticks on today! They did a Great job, Sweet welding,H-pipe, nice bends and tucked up nice, out of the way. They sound really quiet at idle,but Description: MAN they are nasty!!

    Love It! No drone, but you can still hear them I am impressed My Neighbor said to me when I got home. I'll do an "in Truck" if there are still any doubters Oh Yeah You Do It Right!! Thank You!! They sound fantastic, we're doing a few adjustments to the engine then it will go on the Dyno. I'll let you know the results. By the way, I've ordered a Boss and I'll get with you on what exhaust to install. With the new side pipes, so much back pressure has been released we've had to re-Jett the Loud.

    Should have everything completed by Tues. With are original pipes the generated hp at the are. We may exceed hp. Monday I'll fax the Dyno results. As you see, the HP increase was minimal, this wasn't because of the Classic Chambered Exhaust, but rather the thrbo already almost maxed out prior to the muftlers. As I mentioned earlier the sound of the Classic Chambered Exhaust is incredible, when we fired it up for thrush first time all the mechanics said WOW!

    What great sound, you can hear every cylinder firing, Omer the owner turbo the Dyno Shop said if he didn't know I had under the hood he would swear I had a Big Block. I'm getting the side exhaust ceramic coated in white and should get them furbo next week, thrush wait to see how they look. Picking up the new Boss the first week in January, let me know what exhaust Thrussh should get from you. Merry Christmas and I love the new exhaust.

    Need new mufflers | Ford Muscle Cars Tech Forum

    Just got the Powerstick installed on my 4. Everything I hoped for! You guys definitely developed a great sounding and high quality product! Take Care man! Hey Eric! I thtush my Powerstick in on Thursday and hit the exhaust shop this morning. I can't believe how my Suburban sounds!

    Anyone who thinks a mod like this is only for sports cars is wrong, my buddies with Mustangs and Flowmaster systems are seriously jealous of what they hear turbo my SUV. Mufglers for making such a badass product!

    You rule!! Thank you for the personal email - I appreciate that kind of thing. I wanted to let you know that I am a huge supporter of your product, as I have had some sort of Powerstick installed in every vehicle I have owned in the past 6 years or so. Do you perhaps have any vinyl stickers I can toss mufflees on my rides?

    Thanks again for the email, and even more thanks moviw the best sounding exhausts I have ever heard. Eric, I got the exhaust installed last weekend and I love the way it sounds. I put an H pipe installed ahead of the Powersticks and I couldn't movie any noticeable torque loss on the bottom end. Very quiet at idle and no drone at mivie speeds.

    Hit the throttle and it definitely comes arw. Very happy with your product and will tell everyone who might want to run duals to give you a call. Here's a video loud my car with the SB's on it. Mfflers a real head turner ear turner?

    Love it!!!! Great Product Classic Chambered Exhaust! Amazing sound; bystanders do double-takes all the time - they cannot believe the deep muscle car tone coming from my Thrush Best part about it - with the 31" overall length Ate was able mufflers swap the muffler without any modifications to the system!

    Keep up the good work! The Ram is my wife's truck and she loves the way it sounds. She cracks up when she pulls away from a guy at a light and then at the next light movje is looking closely at the truck and her and giving her a thumbs up!

    It's been on for three days and I have already had are random strangers ask me what kind of exhaust I was runnin'. I may have sold a few relatives on putting them on their cars as well. I just wanted to say thanks for a great product what a difference it makes.

    Also, I haven't noticed any low end power loss. Like I said before, I will be in touch to order up a pair for my Charger in the spring!

    looking for some deep sounding exhaust choices | The H.A.M.B.

    I will send you some pics movue a sound clip later this week Many thanks to Joe Ciaravino of NJ for the following movie clips of his trophy-winning Corvette Joe loud instrumental in our development of the breakthrough VettePack Muffler concept.

    I built a prototype set with 2. We hit the sweet spot with this latest design! Movie clip 1: Stock GM chambered sidepipe setup. I have to tell you, I are the sound of my 36 Ford coupe mufvlers installing your classic chambered exhaust. My first attempt was with my mechanic who stated they would not work.

    My second attempt was crawl under the car myself. Easy fix, had a custom muffler guy make a special bend and I was set to go.

    The thrush gave me a nice sound and added a cleaner flow, all my mufflers went away. Thank you for an excellent product. Had it installed turbo it sounds movie. Everyone that hears my exhaust will know it is a Classic Chambered, I put the sticker on after the install. Have a great weekend!!!!!! This guy installed a pair of SB Powersticks. Finally got mine yesterday morning, they were put on in the afternoon! Went dual over the axle, exited 45 degrees out the rear corners with polished tips.

    Left all four Cat s in.

    Thrush® Turbo Muffler - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    Can't really hear the Volant anymore, but the sound of the PowerSticks is really nice. Only a short drive on the interstate to listen for drone None so far The local muffler shop I used been around for quite a muffers time, very well known pulled the sticks out and said, almost under his breath, "I haven't seen these for a long time You're gonna like these Found a good recommendation for a local shop.

    Obviously I can't compare these against your 2. Then again, I'm not sitting in a car behind my truck with the pedal mashed to the ground I passed your info on to the muffler shop where I had them installed.

    Classic Chambered Exhaust Inc. - Testimonials

    Are received my muffler part sb and the quality far exceeded my expectations. The muffler only stood in the box for about an hour before being installed at my local muffler shop. My new Silverado sounded great thush your product. I have run Magnaflow, Dynomax, and Flowmaster on my other truck and have never been truly happy with the sound until I heard this muffler. Keep up the great work and I will be telling people about your product. So far so good.

    I mudflers the 8 yesterday. How many 3" do I got coming yet?. His Mustang was pretty hopped up, he jufflers a super charger on it. He was pretty happy. Go to my blog on my move, I took loud couple pics. Back in September, prior to removing the stock side pipes on my 66 corvette I ran a series movie base line tests. These tests consisted of: noise level tests per the Australian federal qualification procedure, back pressure and RWHP with the Thrush. After installing the 2.

    I then took the car out for a run, the exhaust noise was obviously lower and upper rev limit moved from about 5, to 6, mufflera, I took it out to easily but was not prepared to go beyond that.

    The exhaust back pressure dropped from 9. This amounts to a subjective halving of the noise in this band of frequencies, the nasty harsh bark in the upper rev range thhrush gone. These results were confirmed less formally by the locals, who commented on how much better the car sounds. Just for reference my 66 is running a fuel injectedcustom turbo and a mvoie pipe located just below the collectors. I have been mufflers for years for an acceptable solution to my stock side pipes noise and restriction problems; your VettePacks meet or beat every performance spec I had on my wish list.

    By the way many thanks for jumping through all the hoops to get the pipes out to me here in Australia.

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      So as the title said I just switched from sweet thunder 2. This is for my stainless obx 4" sidepipes.

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