Thrushpelt x reader best

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thrushpelt x reader best

I felt like making this for a long time, but it took a while of finally creating the first story. If you guys like it, I'll create many more stories to come in the future! If you'd like to request a one I apologize greatly. Depressed because you knew that despite loving someone, they'll never love you the same way back. Your eyes slitted. You didn't know until you asked.
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  • But we can't be together anymore. You felt sick. You could practically feel the color draining from your nose.

    Thrushpelt x Reader - Comfort Sηαρρlє-ωσlƒ (A/N: So yeah, I made a Thrushpelt before this, but then when I went downstairs to eat my tea, the chapter vanished, so I have no idea what was up with that. Read Thrushpelt x reader:jealousy from the story Human warrior cat x reader by tudogg with reads. variouscharacters, warrior, cats. (I had to! He's just s Reviews: 9. One shot for IA I never got a reply on the 'script' and spontaneously wrote it out. Sorry if it's not to your liking/standards. See Notes at end of chapter Bluefur's kits were gone. Apparently a fox had gotten into camp, and taken them. The whole day seems to be passing far to fast, the sun already at it's highest peek in the sky. It was odd.

    Your best friend took your mate from you. Much to your surprise, your sadness never turned into anger. It stayed as it was, hollow and aching like an infected wound. It was raining that evening.

    thrushpelt x reader best

    Not much, but enough to keep you from leaving the warriors' den. You let a quiet sob escape your throat. You'd lost two cats. Your mate and your best friend all at the same time. Gritting your teeth in anger, you stared out at the wet clearing. thrushpept

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    The rain was coming down harder now, and most of ThunderClan had decided to retreat to their dens for the night. Rising abruptly to your paws, you s off rubbing out into the storm, reaver the fat drops of rain stinging your flesh as you escaped from the suffocating atmosphere of camp and out into the dreary forest.

    Trees flew past you like lightening as you pushed best legs as fast as thrushpelt could reader go. You knew where you were going; you were headed to a spot you discovered as an apprentice on a hunting patrol.

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    It had quickly become your safe haven where you could hide from the horrors of reality. Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium. Log in Sign Up.

    thrushpelt x reader best

    Thrushpelt was walking back with the patrol taken to RiverClans camp. He looked hurt, or sad, or maybe disappointed. You look as though someone died. Yeah he stopped me from helping her. He was kind of rude about it as well.

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    They had always acted weird around each other at gatherings The thought made her smile again, "Why are you smiling? I bet it was nothing. She sighed.

    This was it. He was talking to Rosetail quietly and he looked over at her, "Yeah ok.

    More than a friend. Thrushpelts gaze changed for happy to sad, "You what? No you can't. You know I love Bluefur.

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    She's the one for me. She always will be. Won't ruin our friendship? He sighed. He rejected his best friend. He couldn't help but feel guilty. He did have a small crush on her. But Bluefur was the one for him.

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    Wasn't she? Moons have passed since Thrushpelts rejection. It stung to think thhrushpelt it. He had tried to talk to her. But she pushed him away, refusing to allow him to explain. She looked around.

    Thrushpelt X Reader

    She tried to move. But her paws felt rooted to her spot and she couldn't no matter how hard she struggled. I don't love Bluefur. She made me delusional.

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