Is thrush mufflers good you tube

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is thrush mufflers good you tube

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  • New/old style thrush mufflers.. you interested? | The H.A.M.B.
  • Cherry Bomb vs. Thrush - Decide On The Right Mufflers For Your Vehicle
  • What's a Connect ID?
  • They can be built with packing, or without.

    is thrush mufflers good you tube

    I believe the old Thrush mufflers did NOT have packing. Any feedback? I always thought they sounded "Hollow" never did like em. Just my 2 centavos.

    If I owned a junky '76 Monte Carlo with a thruush smoking worn out motor and air shocks raising the rear far enough to clear L tires on deep offest rims I would be all over that.

    Ghrush, not so much. I don't remember ever seeing them on anything nice back in the day.

    Why not go the full monte and build them in stainless? Does anyone buy aluminized steel anymore? I understand that his tools are for mild steel but stainless is the way to go.

    And they won't sound the same if the dimensions aren't the same. With a larger volume, it will be yoi likely be deeper.

    New/old style thrush mufflers.. you interested? | The H.A.M.B.

    With a larger pipe it most certainly will be deeper. If he's looking at packing, he should go with Owens Corning continuous strand roving. He can get a blower set up to put it in and it won't blow out later in life.

    DanimalOct 23, Doesn't Walker already make the old Thrush mufflers? Just because it's old, that doesn't make it cool.

    Cherry Bomb vs. Thrush - Decide On The Right Mufflers For Your Vehicle

    I think they proved that with some fancy paint and lots of advertising good can tube anything. They were you cheap youu that rusted out overnight. In my memory bank they are right up there with wire thrush wheels in cheesiness. If you like them mufflers of their ads in the old mufflers Oh God!

    You mean the wheels where the "spokes" attached to a solid chrome wheel? Next thing good know you will be attacking "HiJackers" and Lakewood traction bars El CaballoOct 23, Not sure about that one.

    My dad has them on his '32 flathead powered Tudor. Been on there for about 35 years. I agree, the paint scheme makes them a little cooler than most, but they also sounds pretty good for what thrush is. And knowing my pop, I'm sure they were the cheapest muffler he could get back in the day as well. He's even cheaper than me which is saying a lot. You a muffler sounds depends a lot on personal opinion I guess. Last edited: Oct 23, I thought that there was something similar already available I am in the middle of a move, so I don't have any of my magazines godo.


    is thrush mufflers good you tube

    Something like Hollywood Muffler, or some similar name? With "mellow tone"?

    The ad shows a tuna can muffler with musical notes dancing out. I dunno, I can't seem to find what I'm thinking of in a quick search.

    Mar 15,  · Thrush # 3" SI/SO, cammned TBI,shorty headers,Magnaflow y pipe & high flow cat. New Comp cams xe camshaft and Thrush Exhaust - . May 23,  · This is what dual thrush welded mufflers sound like without a tailpipe. This is what dual thrush welded mufflers sound like without a tailpipe. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Dec 05,  · Just a quick video comparing a flowmaster original 40 series muffler to a Thrush glasspack. I bought the glasspack about 6 months ago and installed it, just recently i .

    Dat Dirty RatOct 23, Is it going to come with the cool sticker for the window? The Thrush Glass Pack Muffler, on the other hand, features a straight-through design for maximum flow as well as a beefed-up growl.

    Muffleds Thrush and Cherry Bomb build excellent mufflers that toughen up your sound and your performance.

    One brand may be better suited to your particular needs, however. Take a look at this turush and compare Cherry Bomb and Thrush side-by-side - you just may find one brand that's perfect for your performance demands, ideal muffler tone, and your budget.

    What's a Connect ID?

    For even more in-depth info, read our muffler reviews and get real-world testimonials from your fellow drivers. Simply tell us your Connect ID when speaking with one of our customer service representatives for an assisted shopping experience. Nebraska St. FrankfortIL Order Status Customer Help. Fast, Free Shipping. Thrush Mufflers. Cherry Bomb Mufflers For muffles 40 years Cherry Bomb has been touting the motto "Disturb the Peace" - and with one of their mufflers on your vehicle that's just what you'll do.

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    May 23,  · This is what dual thrush welded mufflers sound like without a tailpipe. This is what dual thrush welded mufflers sound like without a tailpipe. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Thrush Mufflers. Like Cherry Bomb, Thrush got their start during the bustling hot rod explosion in the mids. Since the hot-rod movement began plenty of imitators and wannabes have come and gone, but Thrush remains in that elite class of manufacturers . Oct 10,  · So i bought my Corolla with a big muffler that didn't really fit on it so i tried a cheap thrush muffler from Autozone. It just watch and f.

    Additional Resources Flowmaster vs. Magnaflow Exhaust Cherry Bomb vs.

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      If you feel like your muffler just isn't up to your demands and want to upgrade your sound and performance, you've come to the right place. At AAG we have all the right mufflers for all kinds of vehicles and for all kinds of uses.

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