Thrush mufflers glasspack 9 3

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thrush mufflers glasspack 9 3

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  • PO had Flowmaster 40's on the car when I bought it. They were too loud for me, mostly because I'm now officially an old fart and I've got glasspack grandson to prove it. Anyway, I had the shop put a set of Mufflers on my car. The idle still sounds like a muscle car, but not so much interior noise. I like to be able to hear my music. Bottom line, everybody likes something different.

    If I were driving my car on a long distance trip, Thrush would prefer glasspack stock type muffler. Joined Aug 8, Glasspacks do have great sound. So did steel packs on a flathead Ford. Re the Thrush commentary, had their brand on a "good price" exhaust setup THey were turbos and they mufflers like crap.

    Had cherry bomb turbos on thrush and they were loud but good sounding.

    thrush mufflers glasspack 9 3

    glasspaco Loud enough to have mufflegs neighbors complain. Currently have Dynomax Super Turbos and they are a nice compromise between sound quality and noisey. Joined Mar 6, Loud, brassy, almost to the point of being obnoxious Joined Jun 17, My now deceased 71 XR-7 Cougar had a set of glass packs on it when I bought the car.

    They were the most obnoxious and loudest mufflers I've ever had. The sound outside the car was great, but inside it was deafening at cruise.

    Thrush® Glasspack Muffler - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    Keep in mind this is a car with a full length exhaust and the interior had leather mufflers and full sound deadening. I cut them off and installed a set of DynoMax Glasspack Turbo mufflers, the difference was like night and day.

    Thrush Glasspack Joined Feb 22, I had glass packs on the car when I bought it. I liked the look but they were past thrush prime. I went with mufflrs turbos from summit.

    Get your Walker Exhaust THRUSH GLASSPACK MUFFLER at Blain's Farm & Fleet. Buy online, choose delivery or in-store pickup. Great prices on Mufflers. Thrush Glasspack Mufflers Show Product Info. Thrush Glasspacks have been making hot rods hotter for over 40 years. A one piece shell construction means there are no seams to blow-out. Straight-through design and 2-stage fiberglass packing resists high temps, while the perforated floating center tube allows heat expansion, and provides for. Glasspack Mufflers maximize horsepower and torque by untilizing a straight-thru design that delivers high frequency sound and flow. Each muffler features % welded construction with Cherry Bomb's exclusive red paint for lasting durability and a show quality finish. All glasspack's are reversible and have a compact body size for flexibility of.

    Joined Jun 13, I just drove my car around on Sunday without mufflers--just the headers and H-pipe, me and the open road. Loud certainly!

    Thrush Glasspack Mufflers | JEGS

    Probably not very legal and definitely glasspcak to hearing loss at WOTbut it was fun for a spin. Or, to quote a highschool friend, "Opinions are like Camaros--everyone has one. Old school, and should work fine on your Check out the thread AzPete referenced. His glasspacks certainly get attention! Have fun. It's your car.

    Joined Sep 10, This thread is so funny.

    Hear It! Sounds of Thrush® - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    It is great that we have the time and freedom to sit around this virtual garage and argue the age old argument of glasspack v. So, my hats off to Magnaflow and Dynomax for making a glasspack that looks like a chamber muffler and selling them to people that think glasspacks suck. Now I know many of you know what they are but I have met a lot of people that think they are chambered.

    Once again, whatever muffler you glasspacm is the right muffler for your car. Skip to main content. Include description. Inlet Diameter.

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    Not Specified Outlet Type. Single Dual 8. Dynomax Thrush Fitment Type. Direct Replacement 9. No Warranty 1.

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    Unspecified Length glasspack Inlet Type. Brand Type. Aftermarket Branded Not Specified 1. Me Worry? Joined Nov 14, Dodge4L1fe said:. If I buy the Thrush I will probably just go mufflers the regular muffler. I will keep the resonator on, so that should keep the sound down a litttle bit. I plan on buying the muffler thrueh I go to the exhuast shop.

    I've been searching on thrush for the correct size of muffler to buy. umfflers

    thrush mufflers glasspack 9 3

    So far Glasepack think the size is 2. If anybody knows if this is correct please respond. Note: I have an 08 Durango 5. So the 3" will weld up to the factory piping? Aero exhaust i feel is the most agressive best sounding exhaust. Its loud though. Not too much drone, but when you get on it people hear it. Deep, agressive, get the f ck outta my way sound.

    Thrush Mufflers? | DodgeTalk Forum

    Joined Apr 2, They make a muffler called "Vortex",they sound good. They r on their web site. I have them on my Boss mustang and they flow great. If I wanted flow and not to much sound or drone id go glasspack to resonator. Magnaflow is straight through Glasspak cherrybomb and thrush red glasspacks are true straight through. Join the discussion.

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      Quieting down or intensifying your rig's growl is a piece of cake with a Saab muffler. Pick from many kinds of metals and compounds and pick up the Saab muffler you need.

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