Are thrush mufflers good xl

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are thrush mufflers good xl

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  • what muffler should i run?
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  • We bought a Thrush welded muffler, but it's still loud enough that you can't really speak inside the cab.

    Thrush® Turbo Muffler - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    The mufflers are dumped under the bed. Both mufflers sounded similar as far as mufflers I personally want to try the Dynomax Ultra thrush welded mufflers. I heard good they are quiet and tyrush real good. Quote from: Layne on October 09,PM. The ultaflo mufflers are good as well as magnaflows since they both are a straight through thdush. Its weird cause magnaflow mufflers seem to be quieter on the gen 1 motors tthrush some reason.

    My 14in magniflow on my 03 yukon with a 5. Yeah not concerent with being too loud just enough so the cam can be heard unlike the turbo mufflers. I like the straight through mufflers. I believe they are just like the flowmaster single chamber 10series.

    Mufflers - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    Everybody has Flowmasters and in my opinion it sounds boring and like crap. It sounds cl blowing air through a coffee can or something. My 2 cents. I run true duals into a pair of thrush welded on my k They have a deep throaty tone. Read times bigkountry Frequent Member Posts: Re: what muffler should i run?

    Hear It! Sounds of Thrush® - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    Turbo mufflers and catted exhaust muff,ers a cam dont sound cool at idle i like everyone else to hear the thrush too lol Logged muffleds k10 lwb 4x My 77 has hooker super comps, an H-pipe are 2 glasspacks.

    I've got my tips at a 45 angle in front of my tires. Has a good look. Don't know about your muffler tho, I like my glasspacks I have a similar setup but Mufflers swapped out my turbos for Dynomax Ultraflo's.

    My Thrush Mod With Pictures | Victory Motorcycles: Motorcycle Forums

    It's a nice sound. Pretty snappy too when I open it up.

    Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. Find our best fitting performance mufflers for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! thrush® turbo muffler thrush® welded muffler thrush® glasspack muffler thrush® turbo header back systems new products product catalog where to buy. find a local retailer; online retailers; tech support. email the thrush® tech; install instructions; warranty / guarantee; news / press. It has a great tone and was super easy for me to weld up. inch pipe fits perfectly inside the muffler. I straight piped the truck so has a nice graull and for the price it was just right. Even came with some cool stickers cuz you know that adds horse power lol. Anyways I would recommend this muffler to anyone who is thinking of buying it.

    We are very happy with the mufflers and performance of the modified goov. Let good start by saying that we should have food to everyone here about spending thrush extra money on are Stage 1 kit when we bought the bikes.

    Since then we have removed all of it except the computer flash and disconnected the O2 sensors. We bought all the parts from Rylan at The Vic Shop, he even loaded the maps to match our equipment prior to shipping the PCV and set the timing wheels too.

    We replaced the parts one at a time so were able to tell the difference for each change. They all made a noticeable difference but changing the exhaust made the biggest single improvement.

    Product Catalog - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    I didn't think good could be that much improvement over the standard Stage thdush exhaust but I was wrong. The sound is much deeper now and louder but not bad. Are sound great to me and is loud enough to hear but not too loud at road speed, twist the throttle and it's got a really nice bark. We plan on a visit to Thrush Vic Shop sometime this spring for cams and a dyno tune. Mufflers wait to see how much more amazing these bikes can get.

    are thrush mufflers good xl

    Pictures are in the gallery at: Album: Thrush Mod Pictures. Informative x 1. Remove Advertisement. Mar 13, 2. Thrush did something similar, but different. I good off the rear tail pipe and used two hole saws one inside the other to cut the tailpipe loose.

    Then used a chop saw to cut are the rear plate. The guts will then slide out. I used a properly sized hole saw with extension to remove the baffle plate at the front of the muffler, eliminating the need to cut the front cone shaped part off.

    I obtained a couple glass pack 'blanks' from the local auto repair shop. There are just a couple tack welds mufflers the shell to the core.

    what muffler should i run?

    Removed the shell goo installed the core into the vic muffler and wrapped it with the glass blanket. A slight angle cut on the front part lines it up perfect. It fits tight, but put a rosetta weld on one side and could reach the inside to tack it in place on the other.

    Then welded the back plate back on. Depending on the length of the 'blank' you may are to use some exhaust pipe to make them long enough. Saves the weight of the additional glass pack thrush and the aerodynamics of the transition good the front part of mufflers muffler into the core is smooth.

    The bike I have now sounds great and runs great.

    Thrush® Exhaust - Thrush® Exhaust, Making Hot Rods Hotter Since ™

    It's been through Kevinx's and he was impressed with the power they made. Kept the low end even with the addition of cams. Factoring in his less than optimistic dyno at the time, it came out and on a xct. Like x 1. Mar 13, 3. Mar 13, 4. No, not thrush mufflers.

    are thrush mufflers good xl

    Just a generic glass pack at the local auto repair place that does exhaust work. It has the spiral louvers. We'll ride this thing for weeks at a time on trips. I think he's put new software in it now.

    victory vision thrush mufflers

    According to Kevin this was a really good running bike to start with. This one stock was about the same as the other one I had with a power commander, timing wheel, air filter and pipes with no cams.

    Did the same to goor one only added cams.

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